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Richard Johnson: Public Policies to Help Older Workers
With many traditional sources of retirement income under siege, delaying retirement and working longer has emerged as the surest path to later-life financial security. Traditional employer-sponsored pension plans that typically pay fixed benefits until death are giving way to 401(k) plans ...
Anna Rappaport: Help with Important Retirement Planning Questions
Retirement planning is complex and includes many different issues, including investment risks related to stock and bond markets, risks related to health care costs or the need for long-term care, and risks related to dying early or living a long life ...
Now what? Helping Baby Boomers (and Others) Prepare for Retirement
First the retirement dream. Retirement is in sight, your health is good, and your finances are stable. You are living within your means and can happily continue to live at this level of income for some time to come. You occasionally allow yourself to dream of a small house at the beach ...
Christopher Spence: Enhancing Retirement Security through
Lifetime Income Projections on Benefit Statements

Ensuring retirement plan participants see illustrations of lifetime income streams on their benefit statements is an important part of the retirement planning process. Providing recurring income projections serves as a regular reminder ...

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”It's not how much money you make, It's how much money you save and invest over a long period of time.”

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